Writing for Tacos – My 1st POST!

Dancing with my friends Arlena and Joseph

Ever since high school I’ve had a mild obsession with fashion bloggers, it was one of the reasons why I decided to study fashion merchandising in college. I quickly fell in love with the fashion program at Texas State University and the people that encompassed it. It was interesting being one of three guys in the room, as all my classes were 95% female – including my professors! Fast forward to life after graduation when I moved from San Marcos to Austin and started to follow local bloggers, public figures and Instagram users that had a niche of the who, what, where of Austin, Texas. Like the FM program at Texas State, I quickly noticed the blogging community in Austin was predominantly women (I mean girl power! Am I right?) and the question remained, “Should I start a blog?”

Grabbing a cappuccino at Mañana Coffee, Juice & Bakeshop

If you ask any of my friends they can attest to the fact that I’ve always had an eye for things like food photography and #ootd’s. I craved going to retail store grand openings, coffee shops, and local restaurants – to this day you can find a long list on my iPhone of places I want to eat, drink and play throughout the city. Traveling throughout Austin and documenting everything it had to offer quickly became a hobby of mine; I started to use my Instagram as a platform to showcase the ever-changing city.

Brunch at Hillside Farmacy

On March 15, 2017 (aka SXSW) I was up at 630am to attend Create & Cultivate, a movement looking to create and cultivate entrepreneurs to meet like-minded individuals, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. Speakers included YouTube sensation, Jenn Im; fashion blogger, Courtney Kerr; Austin-based blogger, Camille Styles; Kristen Bell and much more! I was eager to learn! I was inspired!

Camille Styles sitting next to Courtney Kerr (far right)

Sitting in the audience, I saw Courtney Kerr coming in my direction; I thought this was my chance to put myself out there! I thought maybe she could fall in love with my charisma, offer me a role in her company and fly me off to Dallas (a guy can dream). I happily introduced myself, she greeted me lovingly and immediately asked if I had a blog… (uh oh!) I explained to her that I worked in tech and didn’t have a blog of my own, but that it was on my bucket list. Kerr gave me the look of death, I had literally offended her, “What are you doing with your life?” she asked jokingly. If you follow Courtney you know she is real, raw and blunt – probably the secret to her success – and I appreciated her authenticity. “If you love it, do it!” she said. Little did she know she had just given me the jump-start I needed to pursue the creativity growing inside of me… it was time to turn my Instagram bio “Writing for Tacos” into a reality.

Now I’m no expert on fashion or blogging for that matter, but I’m ready to show Austin through a different lens – literally. Cue P!nk and let’s get this party started! Celebratory drinks anyone?

13 thoughts on “Writing for Tacos – My 1st POST!

    1. OoOOooO!!! I love your feedback, Chelsea! Thank you so much for reading my first post! I’m infinitely grateful we were able to meet at Create & Cultivate! =) You constantly inspire me to do more!! xoxo


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