25 Random Facts About Me + Life Hacks

Last month, I turned 25 – and decided I wanted to share 25 random facts about me to match my old age (kidding), as well as a few life hacks I’ve discovered along the way. Thank you times 100 for following along, it means the world to me; I have so much content coming out this summer (like Battle of the Tacos!!) so stay tuned… INTERNET HUGS!

  1. My first crush was in the 3rd grade, and his name was Severo. Can you help me find him?
  2. I locked my keys inside my car post-college graduation and was 3 hours late to my own party. I still think about the Menudo that never was…
  3. #OOTD is literally my favorite hashtag on the planet!
  4. I was the editor of my high school newspaper, as well as class president.
  5. We all make mistakes and nobody expects you to be perfect, but what you do after a mistake speaks volumes.
  6. You don’t have to search after people, if you have a strong bond with someone you will know.
  7. Getting to where you want to go takes time and a lot of effort, relax a little bit and understand there is a bigger picture developing right before you.
  8. I had five internships in college – ALL UNPAID!!
  9. Be nice to everybody because you never know whom you are coming in contact with or who he or she can become in the future.
  10. Run your own race and know that you can do it… put yourself out there and really, really try.
  11. If you want an iced mocha but don’t want to pay $5, you order an iced doppio (two shots of espresso) with two pumps of regular mocha and add your own milk, honey!!! You just saved $2.50!
  12. I got my first tattoo at the age of 19, mostly to irritate my mom. LOL
  13. I press the snooze button two times each morning.
  14. My favorite place to eat in Austin, hands down, is Matt’s El Rancho on Lamar. Shout out to my friend Megan for the introduction!
  15. Attend all of your classes in college; sticking it out for three hours is much better than the anxiety you get from skipping. You know it’s true.
  16. Ideally, I see myself living in New York City, although I’ve never been.
  17. Impromptu pictures is like, totally my thing. Give me a nice wall and it’s going down.
  18. Living in peace is key, but be careful of people who want to steal that away from you. It’s okay to set boundaries and not allow everyone in. シ
  19. Find me wearing Birkenstock’s with socks! Don’t @ me.
  20. The goal is to have my own company where I can help brands grow through social media – pay me to travel, puh-lease!!
  21. You’re always going to have haters. Don’t get caught up. Ignore them.
  22. Most people of my generation stumble through their lives and end up in routines. Life is an experiment – take the plunge!
  23. I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series, THRICE.
  24. “Should’ve Been Us” by Tori Kelly is my all time favorite jam.
  25. I came up with the handle @markyatx in 2012, and my closest friends literally call me that by name. =)

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