4 Reasons to try Licha’s Cantina’s $5 Happy Hour

Happy Hour’s come and go in Austin, Texas, but I’m hoping this one is here to stay for quite some time… or until I get tired of Mexican Cuisine, which let’s be honest will never, ever happen.

Read on for four reasons why you should consider Licha’s Cantina’s $5 Happy Hour for your next weekday unwind.




A mile from downtown, Licha’s Cantina resides in East Austin, located at 1306 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 78702. East Austin is the city’s newly fashionable district, the food is plentiful, the scene is lively and the drinks are generous. From food trucks like Via 313, to gelato at Gelateria Gemelli, to sit-down restaurants like Takoba, you will find plenty to do after grabbing a drink (or two) at Licha’s Cantina.


$5! Enough said! But really, with over 10 food options and over 20 drinks to choose from, the combinations are endless. Consider splitting a plate with a friend, the portions are huge! They also offer buckets of beer (6) for $5 (I mean!!!).



Once 5 p.m. rolled by, I left the office and headed straight to Licha’s to grab happy hour for one. I arrived around 5:25 and was immediately seated by the hostess; with seats available at the bar, front porch, indoors and/or the outside patio, I asked to sit outside, towards the very back (didn’t want to look funny standing on my chair taking pictures when the food came out) away from the crowd. Overall, seating was fast, my server was friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable on the menu, and my drink(s) were never empty!



This post was sparked by the authenticity of my food, from the (free) chips and salsa(s) you get upon arrival to the vegan guacamole with pumpkin seeds and queso fresco, to my small plates off the happy hour menu – my stomach was happy and my wallet was happier! I ordered the Tinga de Pollo (chicken) Sopecito, the Champinon Hurache, and the Camote (sweet potato). When I say I have never had better sweet potato in my life, I am not exaggerating… you have to try it! The food was sweet when it needed to be, spicy in all the right places, the sodium was low and the portions were huge (just the way I like it!!).

GUACAMOLE (V) (G) $6 Pumpkin Seeds, Queso Fresco


If you like to grab Latino inspired beverages, crave a good bowl of guacamole, like to have options and enjoy getting a bang for your buck, make sure to visit Licha’s Cantina when visiting Austin. And if you already live here, run don’t walk!

Licha’s Cantina
1306 East 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78702
$5 Happy Hour: Tuesday through Friday, from 4 to 6

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