Veggie Heaven is BACK!

R2 D2 Soy Sauce dispenser

If you’ve been in or around Austin since the late ’80’s chances are you have been to Veggie Heaven. After serving the Austin community for 20 years, Stacy Chen, the creator and co-founder of Veggie Heaven, decided it was time to retire. Within 2 years of closing, Ms. Chen had to reopen due to popular demand — and this time she went from vegetarian to all vegan! The above R2 D2 is an example of  the little corks and new touches to the restaurant.

It is no secret that many people in Austin are highly interested in healthy eats and clean eating, and although I am not vegan, I am still subject to eating less meat when possible. This blog post in particular means a lot to me because I felt it would be a great opportunity to introduce Veggie Heaven to people who a) have never been and b) showcase just how filling and delicious vegan food can be.

The Sweet Bun

When you’re a food blogger in a city like Austin, where tacos and bbq surrounds us, eating a non-meat menu can be a challenge. Veggie Heaven is unique in a way that your taste buds will have you asking for more. Their uniquely flavored dishes are bound to fill your tummy, so much so that it can be hard to believe that the food is even vegan at times! Also, there’s bubble tea on the menu and Veggie Heaven makes some of the best (if not the best) bubble tea in the whole city!

With that said, earlier last week I visited Veggie Heaven with an old coworker, Camille, from my time at Facebook Austin. Camille is newish to the city, she moved here to work at Facebook and she was ecstatic when I asked her to come and try an all vegan menu with me. Camille and I ordered a variety of items: from the Pot Stickers (6 for $6.95), to the Sweet Bun ($3.50), to the Ramen Rumble ($9.95), to my favorite, the Cauliflower “Wings” (which come in 3 flavors: teriyaki, thai chili, or curry) and a couple bubble teas to soak the food down!

Curry flavored Cauliflower “Wings”
The Ramen Rumble

Lastly, we ordered the Protein 2000 as it was almost mandatory by our server! The Protein 2000 has been the number one selling item since Veggie Heaven’s previous location over on Guadalupe… still to this day, this menu item is a hot seller. And boy oh boy, was it so darn good! Consisting of fried protein batter cooked in a sweet brown sauce with broccoli, garlic, and onions, the Protein 2000 was definitely worth saving till the end.

The Protein 2000
Me with the Cauliflower “Wings”
Our full spread with Camille in the background

I highly recommend Veggie Heaven for vegans and non-vegans alike! I left with a full stomach and utterly enjoyed my food from beginning to end.

See ya there!

M-Th 11am–10p
F-Sa 11am–11p
Su 11a–10p
1611 W 5th. St. Suite 135
Austin, TX 78703

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