Say Hello to Cyclone Anaya’s

There’s a new Tex-Mex contender in town, and I officially am head over heels. Cyclone Anaya’s is a Houston native that has finally ventured their way to the 512. It’s no secret The Domain is one of the fastest growing attractions in the city and Cyclone Anaya’s will fit right in. By adding more food and more fun, I’m officially adding Cyclone’s to the top of my list and here’s why…

The Interior + Exterior

When you first walk in you are immediately mesmerized by a giant, custom made, metal marquee reading “ATX.” I seriously need one of these signs in my apartment! You will also see lanterns hanging around with actual cyclone-fires spinning on the inside, make sure to look up! Also, adding a piece of the original location, the Tex Mex chain has a rectangular sign hanging along the wall reading, “Cyclone Anaya’s Inn Mexican Food.” As you can tell a lot of time and love was put into the interior for this location. The exterior also has some fine details, with a huge patio and a fire place, you are sure to enjoy the vibes as much you will enjoy the food.




Cyclone Anaya’s prides themselves on having an open kitchen. This is where the customer has the ability of peeking into the kitchen and cooks (in Spanish you say “La Cocina”), where you can see the food being served to order and the flour tortillas and rotisserie chicken being made in real time.


Now we get to the best part: the food. By the way, huge shoutout to Chef Jason for introducing me to some of the best menu items Cyclone Anaya’s has to offer — I was highly impressed!


Chile Con Queso with Taco Meat
Fried Plantains
Campechana (new to the menu)
Nachos (1/2 chicken, 1/2 beef)


Taco Al Carbon
Beef Brisket Tacos topped with Purple Slaw
Beef Burrito
Top: Summer Special: beef enchilada, beef crispy taco and a chalupa served with guacamole Bottom: Enchiladas Anaya’s: gourmet enchiladas, two red corn tortillas filled with charbroiled marinated chicken or beef fajita in a tasty blend of cheese, mushrooms, onions and topped with chile ancho sauce and melted cheese


Tres Leches


  • I highly recommend Cyclone Anaya’s
  • Quality Tex-Mex
  • Officially on my top 3 places for Tex-Mex in Austin
  • Chef Jason is intuitive and knows his stuff
  • Come here for tacos! Come here for queso!
  • Vegetarian and vegan options available

See ya there!

Cyclone Anaya’s Austin
3120 Palm Way #170
Austin, TX 78758

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