A Peek Inside Yoshi Ramen

Yoshi Ramen is open for business! Stacy Chen, owner of Veggie Heaven, has opened a new ramen shop near UT and Hyde Park. Chen was inspired to open Yoshi Ramen in part of her grandmother whom had her own ramen business in Japan. From Dan Dan noodles to bubble tea to Austin’s first(?) ramen burger (which will be available around February 15) Yoshi Ramen has many options you’re sure to love — they even have ramen for vegans. So if you’re anything like me and like to order based on Instagram aesthetic, you need to stop by this quirky space for some beautiful pictures, good eats and a fun atmosphere.






I had a great time trying a couple of the ramen options on the menu, leaving highly impressed, I definitely will be back and have recommend Yoshi Ramen to all my friends. I’m super stoked to try the Ramen Burger and add it to my Instagram feed (wink wink)!

See ya there!

Yoshi Ramen
3320 Harmon Ave
Austin, TX 78705

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