The Squeezery is My New Fav


You guys! The Squeezery is the newest juice (and coffee) shop to open downtown and you have to go. Located inside The Refinery, you’re sure to find the interior as gorgeous as the famous black and white mural located right outside — seriously everything here is Instagram-worthy!

Everything at The Squeezary is organic and locally sourced as they collaborate with local farms. The Squeezary is quickly becoming a popular destination for their Freezer Bowls, which come inside a half coconut-shell (pictured below). How cool is that? I like to use the hashtag #SoNY when places like these pop up in Austin, because of how quickly one can say we’re becoming more and more like the Big Apple. You can also buy healthy juices here for your on-the-go needs and a cup of coffee because we all know this city thrives on caffeine. Visit the shop and tell ’em you saw this post, you won’t regret it!





See ya there!

The Squeezery
123 East 7th St.
Austin, TX 78701

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