Will Leather Goods and I






A couple of weeks ago I visited Will Leather Goods at Domain NORTHSIDE and was given a VIP tour of the store by the assistant manager, Zach Miles. Will Leather Goods is a family owned and operated leather-goods store that has been in business since the 1980’s. Founded by Will Adler, Will Leather Goods started as a belt-making business in 1981 to help him and his family bring in extra income… the rest is history. During my tour I learned about the various specialties the store prides themselves on including hand-woven products (like reversible bags made out of rugs from Oaxaca, Mexico!) and their incredible ability to create high-quality pieces out of leathers sourced from around the world. Naturally, I fell in love with mostly everything! All items provide a rustic feel to them and the leather is mostly water resistant because of the natural oils and the vegetable tanning each product receives from production.





The store offers a variety of products from rugs, leather bags, belts, wallets, jewelry and gifts! After getting a full tour of the shop I selected a Rainer Backpack of my own and was able to emboss my initials on the front (free of charge!) It’s reassuring to know that every item (non-vintage) has lifetime warranty and/or can be corrected in the store. And with seven store locations and one opening in Denver in October, you’re bound to find something unique, timeless and durable in every store!



During my visit I had a one-on-one shopping experience (think Nordstrom’s) and appreciated all of the insight and information provided as we maneuvered our way through the store, it was quickly noticeable that I wasn’t getting hounded into buying anything–which is a plus for me! Shopping here is calm, relaxed and you really get that “in-shop” feeling with the rustic vibe and decorations surrounding you! The store also provides coffee in-house… I mean what more could you ask for?




Lastly, I have a special surprise for all of my readers and followers alike: Will Leather Goods is offering 15% off of your purchase (in-store only) if you if use my personal code, MARKYATX! Mention that you read this blog post and/or saw my visit on Instagram to get your discount, it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping (hehe).


See ya there!

11701 Domain Blvd #160, Austin, TX 78758

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