Make Snooze Your Next Brunch Spot

Make Snooze Your Next Brunch Spot

Snooze an A.M. Eatery has a new Fall menu — and it’s totally worth tasting!

Snooze has the coolest interior design


Snooze is one of the best brunch restaurants in Austin, and I’m here to tell you why! When they first opened back in 2015 on North Lamar, the hype was real and this brunch-only chain quickly became a brunching phenomenon. Snooze did so well in the few months they were open, they had to open a second location on South Lamar! Now if that doesn’t prove this place rocks, I don’t know what will… If you live and eat in Austin, you probably know the culinary scene is one of the best in the country — and Snooze is no exception. Typically, you will be waiting in a 30 minute to 2 hour wait (it is that good) and they offer free coffee and games of Jenga while you wait. Currently, Snooze has a new fall menu that is totally worth your while……

Snooze offers a game of Jenga while you wait

On Tuesday, I visited Snooze’s South Lamar location to try some new fall menu items, I was accompanied by my friend Rachel who runs a food Instagram account: 512 Bites. We decided to go on a Tuesday morning, before heading into work. Normally I don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, but I really wanted to a) sample these new dishes to showcase them on social media and b) didn’t feel like waiting hours in line on a Saturday.

You can seat yourself at the bar, here the wait time is much shorter as you don’t have to put your name on a list and the seats are first-come-first-serve.
Coffee and cream to start my morning

Rachel and I decided to seat ourselves outside, where the lighting was best to take all of our foodie pictures. We quickly ordered some coffees to keep us warm — it was a chilly morning! For breakfast we had 2 dishes off the new fall menu and some pancakes. We started with the I like you E’Lote Benedict, consisting of elote corn quinoa cakes topped with poached cage free eggs, chili lime hollandaise, cotija cheese and roasted corn salsa. We also had the Steak + Eggs Benny, consisting of seared hanger steak medallions atop roasted poblano cheddar grit cakes with asparagus, roasted mushrooms and tomato topped with poached cage free eggs, smoked cheddar hollandaise and gremolata. Lastly, Rachel and I shared a Pancake Flight! I was mostly excited to have something sweet that morning, not to mention Snooze has the best pancakes in town! When you order a Pancake Flight you get to pick three of the pancakes from the menu and get to enjoy the best of all worlds.

Right: Steak + Eggs Benny Left: I like you E’Lote Benedict
Pancake Flight

Our Pancake Flight came with the new fall menu item, Bourbon Street Pumpkin Pancake. This flavor was especially yummy, it consisted of a pumpkin buttermilk pancake topped with bourbon pecan jam, sweet cream cheese drizzle, whipped mascarpone and mocha crumble. The Flight also had the Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, which is a buttermilk pancake with caramelized pineapple chunks, housemade vanilla crème anglaise and cinnamon butter. Thirdly, we had the Pancake of the Day, that day it was a Key Lime Pie flavored pancake (tasted just like my childhood)!


Bourbon Street Pumpkin Pancakes 

Our breakfast was consumed way too quickly, Rachel and I enjoyed every second of our meal, we were re able to catch up over brunch and really enjoyed these new fall menu items. And although, the wait can be long on weekends just remember Snooze offers a) free games of Jenga while you wait b) free coffee while you wait and c) has the best pancake combinations in town. So run, don’t walk!

See ya there!

Snooze – South Lamar

1700 S Lamar
Austin, TX 78704
Daily 6:30am – 2:30pm


Snooze – North Lamar
3800 N. Lamar Suite 120
Austin TX 78756
Daily 6:30am – 2:30pm

Veggie Heaven is BACK!

Veggie Heaven is BACK!
R2 D2 Soy Sauce dispenser

If you’ve been in or around Austin since the late ’80’s chances are you have been to Veggie Heaven. After serving the Austin community for 20 years, Stacy Chen, the creator and co-founder of Veggie Heaven, decided it was time to retire. Within 2 years of closing, Ms. Chen had to reopen due to popular demand — and this time she went from vegetarian to all vegan! The above R2 D2 is an example of  the little corks and new touches to the restaurant.

It is no secret that many people in Austin are highly interested in healthy eats and clean eating, and although I am not vegan, I am still subject to eating less meat when possible. This blog post in particular means a lot to me because I felt it would be a great opportunity to introduce Veggie Heaven to people who a) have never been and b) showcase just how filling and delicious vegan food can be.

The Sweet Bun

When you’re a food blogger in a city like Austin, where tacos and bbq surrounds us, eating a non-meat menu can be a challenge. Veggie Heaven is unique in a way that your taste buds will have you asking for more. Their uniquely flavored dishes are bound to fill your tummy, so much so that it can be hard to believe that the food is even vegan at times! Also, there’s bubble tea on the menu and Veggie Heaven makes some of the best (if not the best) bubble tea in the whole city!

With that said, earlier last week I visited Veggie Heaven with an old coworker, Camille, from my time at Facebook Austin. Camille is newish to the city, she moved here to work at Facebook and she was ecstatic when I asked her to come and try an all vegan menu with me. Camille and I ordered a variety of items: from the Pot Stickers (6 for $6.95), to the Sweet Bun ($3.50), to the Ramen Rumble ($9.95), to my favorite, the Cauliflower “Wings” (which come in 3 flavors: teriyaki, thai chili, or curry) and a couple bubble teas to soak the food down!

Curry flavored Cauliflower “Wings”
The Ramen Rumble

Lastly, we ordered the Protein 2000 as it was almost mandatory by our server! The Protein 2000 has been the number one selling item since Veggie Heaven’s previous location over on Guadalupe… still to this day, this menu item is a hot seller. And boy oh boy, was it so darn good! Consisting of fried protein batter cooked in a sweet brown sauce with broccoli, garlic, and onions, the Protein 2000 was definitely worth saving till the end.

The Protein 2000
Me with the Cauliflower “Wings”
Our full spread with Camille in the background

I highly recommend Veggie Heaven for vegans and non-vegans alike! I left with a full stomach and utterly enjoyed my food from beginning to end.

See ya there!

M-Th 11am–10p
F-Sa 11am–11p
Su 11a–10p
1611 W 5th. St. Suite 135
Austin, TX 78703

Blenders and Bowls has a New Fall Menu

Blenders and Bowls has a New Fall Menu



Wanna spoon? Blenders and Bowls has a NEW FALL MENU, just in time for the season! Do you like pumpkin? Cinnamon? Granola? Blenders and Bowls has incorporated all of these ingredients into their new fall menu, and I had the pleasure of trying a few of these seasonal specials last weekend…

The new Fall Menu

The Fall Bowl, which was my favorite of the two, is a great source of clean energy – perfect for my day on Saturday. I really enjoyed the combination of the pumpkin puree, cinnamon, apples and walnuts topped with local honey — mmmmmm.

The Fall Bowl

The Mocha Bowl is great for all the chocolate lovers (cough cough me) out there, it’s blended with chocolate vega protein, espresso and chocolate almond milk. Topped with coconut shreds, The Mocha Bowl is a perfectly crafted combination of sweetness with a rich, dark taste of happiness.

The Mocha Bowl

Lastly, I had the Pumpkin Chai Blender… I’ve always been a huge of chai, add some pumpkin, almond butter and apples and you’ve got me! Made with all natural fruit, a blender is basically a smoothie filled with nutrients and organic ingredients, packing a great health kick to any time of day.

The Pumpkin Chai

Blenders and Bowls is a great place to catch up with friends, have a on-the-go type snack, to come before or after a workout and for anyone trying to eat clean and still have a good taste in their mouth. I’ve been going here for years, and I am so thankful for their new East 6th location. Seeing them expand means they are doing well, and are able to provide to more locals and visitors alike. They have the best açaí bowls in town, no doubt about it!

Blenders and Bowls new East 6th location
Blenders and Bowls new East 6th location
Blenders and Bowls new East 6th location

Come support your local community with some healthy bites! See ya there!


Blenders and Bowls has 3 locations

  • Downtown – 206 E. 4th St
  • Westlake – 3736 Bee Cave Rd #8
  • East Side – 1625 E. 6th St

Sneak Peek Inside Veracruz’s New Brick and Mortar Location

Sneak Peek Inside Veracruz’s New Brick and Mortar Location


The new Veracruz Tacos location officially opens on October 7 — from food truck to brick and mortar, Veracruz has claimed their place in Austin and they deserve all the wins! Veracruz prides themselves on creating a culture of kindness and authenticity, their slogan “hecho a mano, con amor” translates to “made by hand, with love.”

I was fortunate enough to attend their Soft Opening and try some of my favorite menu items…

Translation: made by hand, with love

When you first walk in, you will see a neon “COFFEE” sign located to your left, this is where you will find Machine Head Coffee, a local coffee shop owned by Nolan Green. Nolan is no stranger to coffee, he has shared his knowledge with Radio Coffee and Beer, Caffe Medici and Thunderbird Coffee. Machine Head Coffee humbles themselves on quality drinks and kindness. Try the Guji Coffee!


If you’ve been to Veracruz, chances are you’ve had their famous Migas Originales Taco, which contains eggs, tortilla chips, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, tomato, onion and – the best fat there is – avocado. Mmmm! And if you have not been to Veracruz, or have never had their migas taco, consider this a sign from above. You won’t regret it! I also had two of their Picadas, one Picada Ranchera and one Picada Aguacate. Each picada contains a soft, cecina steak, queso fresco and onion.

Me with a Picada Ranchera and a Picada Aguacate

I am really proud of Veracruz for how far they have come since 2008, and if you’re a supporter of local businesses, make sure to come by on October 7 to taste all of the authentic, Mexican goodness.

So come for the tacos, come for the coffee, come for the agua frescas and come for the chips and queso! See ya there!


Veracruz Tacos has 2 food truck locations

  • 1704 E Cesar Chavez – open daily, 7am – 3pm
  • 4208 Manchaca Rd – open daily, 7am – 12am

Open daily, 7am – 3pm
9003 Waterford Centre Blvd Suite 180
Austin, TX 78758

The Knotty Deck at the Renaissance Hotel and Why You Should Go

The Knotty Deck at the Renaissance Hotel and Why You Should Go
Wild Boar Spare Ribs

Earlier last week I visited The Knotty Deck + Bar located inside the Renaissance Hotel at the Arboretum. I was accompanied by three of my favorites: @somuchlifeblog, @atxbites and the lovely @atxeatsandtreats. We each had a go around at a full service dinner by Executive Chef Chris Degweck.


Knotty Fries (aka the best fries you will ever have in your entire life)

Chef Chris walked us through each menu item, providing us with detailed information regarding all of the (freshest) ingredients The Knotty Deck uses in their food and drinks alike. Chef Chris moved here from Florida to purposefully change the Hotel-Food industry, and his unique taste in menu options are worth trying. I have never had such a flavorul dining experience AT A HOTEL. From brunch on the weekends, to a quiet night-in with girlfriends, anyone and everyone is guaranteed a satisfied tummy leaving The Knotty Deck + Bar.

Pig Ears

FACT: Austin is becoming the next culinary hot spot in the country, and the hotel scene is taking notice… Nowadays hotels need to offer a pleasurable experience from beginning to end, and that includes the food they serve. If you don’t live in Austin, consider the Renaissance Hotel for your next stay! You won’t regret it! And if you do, run don’t walk!


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dress code: casual
9721 Arboretum Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

4 Reasons to try Licha’s Cantina’s $5 Happy Hour

4 Reasons to try Licha’s Cantina’s $5 Happy Hour

Happy Hour’s come and go in Austin, Texas, but I’m hoping this one is here to stay for quite some time… or until I get tired of Mexican Cuisine, which let’s be honest will never, ever happen.

Read on for four reasons why you should consider Licha’s Cantina’s $5 Happy Hour for your next weekday unwind.




A mile from downtown, Licha’s Cantina resides in East Austin, located at 1306 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 78702. East Austin is the city’s newly fashionable district, the food is plentiful, the scene is lively and the drinks are generous. From food trucks like Via 313, to gelato at Gelateria Gemelli, to sit-down restaurants like Takoba, you will find plenty to do after grabbing a drink (or two) at Licha’s Cantina.


$5! Enough said! But really, with over 10 food options and over 20 drinks to choose from, the combinations are endless. Consider splitting a plate with a friend, the portions are huge! They also offer buckets of beer (6) for $5 (I mean!!!).



Once 5 p.m. rolled by, I left the office and headed straight to Licha’s to grab happy hour for one. I arrived around 5:25 and was immediately seated by the hostess; with seats available at the bar, front porch, indoors and/or the outside patio, I asked to sit outside, towards the very back (didn’t want to look funny standing on my chair taking pictures when the food came out) away from the crowd. Overall, seating was fast, my server was friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable on the menu, and my drink(s) were never empty!



This post was sparked by the authenticity of my food, from the (free) chips and salsa(s) you get upon arrival to the vegan guacamole with pumpkin seeds and queso fresco, to my small plates off the happy hour menu – my stomach was happy and my wallet was happier! I ordered the Tinga de Pollo (chicken) Sopecito, the Champinon Hurache, and the Camote (sweet potato). When I say I have never had better sweet potato in my life, I am not exaggerating… you have to try it! The food was sweet when it needed to be, spicy in all the right places, the sodium was low and the portions were huge (just the way I like it!!).

GUACAMOLE (V) (G) $6 Pumpkin Seeds, Queso Fresco


If you like to grab Latino inspired beverages, crave a good bowl of guacamole, like to have options and enjoy getting a bang for your buck, make sure to visit Licha’s Cantina when visiting Austin. And if you already live here, run don’t walk!

Licha’s Cantina
1306 East 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78702
$5 Happy Hour: Tuesday through Friday, from 4 to 6

I(ce) Scream for Vegan Ice Cream

I(ce) Scream for Vegan Ice Cream

Earlier last month I had the opportunity to work with my go-to place for cold treats – Sweet Ritual. Sweet Ritual offers dairy free ice cream with options for a wide variety of dietary needs. They originally began with two flavors of soft serve (vanilla, and a rotating seasonal flavor) and later expanded to 16 flavors. They are currently located at 4631 Airport Blvd, Suite 125, Austin, Texas, 78751.


With July being National Ice Cream Month, and about 90% of the United States population being a fan, I figured what better time to talk about ice cream than right now? To add a bit of context, last month was the 1 year anniversary of Sweet Ritual’s brick and mortar operation, which was my reason for coming in to shoot with them.


Humbled to be invited in, I met owners Valerie Ward and Amelia Raley. I was able to see first-hand how the ice cream was made, packaged and distributed, became more familiar with ingredients and toppings alike, as well as decorated a triple scoop ice cream display with owner: Amelia Raley.

Amelia Raley, owner

Amelia put together three scoops of ice cream, topped with edible glitter, caramelized bananas, chocolate sauce, salted caramel sauce and chopped peanuts (I mean!!!). I helped choose the flavors and toppings, put together a decorated layout for the ice cream display we had created and of course, took photos. Together we combined The Unicorn Poop, Mint Chip and Peanut Butter Cup to look tastier than ever.


Being lactose intolerant, Sweet Ritual has pretty much been a godsend for my stomach… and wallet alike. Sweet Ritual offers rotating flavors depending on the season, just another reason to be coming back for more (wink)! How are you celebrating National Ice Cream Month?


Sweet Ritual
4631 Airport Blvd. Suite 125
Austin, Texas 78751